Cockroach Control In
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Cockroach Pest Control In Los Angeles,
Orange & San Bernardino Counties

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Cockroaches have adapted over centuries to feed off of the scraps of humans. They are omnivorous scavengers that prefer starchy materials such as cereals, sugary foods, meat products and cheese, as well as leather, hair and book bindings. Cockroaches are a public health issue because they breed and feed in unsanitary areas like garbage cans, sewer systems and septic tanks, and are often found in kitchen and bathroom areas. Cockroach droppings are also a source of allergens and can cause problems for people with asthma.

Which Cockroaches Do You Have?

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American Cockroach

American cockroaches are almost always found outside, though they can enter structures through drain pipes and sewer systems. These cockroaches can be identified by their reddish brown color. They are approximately 2 inches in length when full grown. These roaches prefer fermented foods and warm climates. They often leave their egg sacks in protected areas near food.

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German Cockroach

This cockroach is approximately half an inch in length and is pale brown in color. They can be identified by two dark stripes down their bodies and although they have wings, they do not fly. These roaches are often found indoors in humid areas like kitchens and bathrooms and prefer to hide in wooden materials near a source of water. German cockroaches attracted to warmth, so they may also be found around the crevices of microwaves, stove-tops and underneath ovens.

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Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are found both indoors and outside. They are much larger than German cockroaches, measuring at about 1.25 inches long. Oriental cockroaches are identified by their length, and their dark brown or black shiny bodies. These roaches prefer damp dark areas. They can tolerate cold, but prefer warm temperatures, so they are often found in crawlspaces, sewers, drains and around pipes.

I.P.M. and Cockroaches

I.P.M or integrated pest management, is a pest elimination strategy that utilizes a series of techniques to keep your home or business pest-free while using minimal amounts of pesticides. This includes storing wood piles and other yard waste away from the home and clearing branches and brush from the structure.

When it comes to keeping cockroaches away, the best I.P.M strategies include removing grease and other food waste from cracks and crevices around food prep areas. We recommend taking the trash out daily and cleaning your cupboards twice a year. It’s also a good idea to make sure there are no leaks around your sink or refrigerator as cockroaches are drawn to water. When these appliances are in working order, they eliminate ideal conditions for cockroaches to breed.

Treatment of Cockroaches

Pest Innovations offers a variety of treatments, based on your budget and needs. It is important to understand how roaches live, in order to treat the problem. Roaches communicate by touching antennae, so with gel baits, dusting and granules, roaches will share the pesticide and get to the hard-to-reach areas for us. As soon as you see one cockroach, it is important to call. One cockroach means there are several more in areas you can’t see and these pests are prolific breeders. Pest Innovations recommends beginning a regular maintenance service to prevent the return of roaches after an initial treatment. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service. Call us today for more information about our cockroach service.


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We have been using Pest Innovations to service more than 50 buildings that we manage. They have been doing so for over a year and we are very satisfied with their service, their pricing and their results. They have taken care of all kinds of pests for us, including cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, mice and rats. No problem has been too big or too small. We highly recommend this company for a house or a large apartment building. George is very knowledgeable and all of his technicians are trained and know what to do in every situation.

Keep It Clean!

Unsanitary conditions make pesticides less effective!

To ensure you see the best result from our cockroach treatments, it is mandatory that all areas that receive treatments for cockroaches are kept free of contaminants and food residue as the cockroaches will avoid any baits in favor of food or grease residue.

Our Cockroach Control Methods

Gel Bait: Gel bait works by placing it along cracks and crevices of infested areas where roaches congregate. These are areas where humans will not be exposed, but roaches will. Roaches will become coated in the gel when they squeeze through these areas and take it back to the nest.

Dusting: A common place for roaches to live is in outlets. They provide warmth and a source of food. In these cases, dusting outlets is an option. Again, the dust is similar to gel bait in that the roaches will be exposed, but humans will not. This is a very targeted treatment and often used when an infestation has not become out of hand.

Granules: Granules are only used outside. A technician will apply these in cracks and crevices around a foundation or in a crawl space.

Chemical Free Treatment: Heat technology has revolutionized the pest control industry. By applying a constant source of heat, all standard pests and their eggs will be destroyed (something pesticides can’t promise) and no pesticides need to be applied. With a heat treatment, we use heaters to obtain an internal temperature of about 150 degrees. This is too hot for pests to survive, but not hot enough to destroy your electronics or other property. Heat penetrates areas that pesticides often can’t reach and is ideal for people with a sensitivity to pesticides.

Low-toxicity pesticide application: This form of treatment is ideal for outdoors and includes spraying a low-toxicity, low to no-odor pesticide around the exterior of your property. This will not require you to vacate your home for more than 4 hours, like other methods, and is a trusted method of cockroach removal.

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