Drywood Termite Control In
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Drywood Termite Control In Los Angeles, Orange & San Bernardino Counties

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Drywood Termites: Drywood termites get their name because they live only in dry wood and require no connection to soil. Drywood termites are often introduced to a structure during their swarming season, which in California, can be a couple times a year or more, depending on dry weather cycles. These termites enter structures through cracks, knotholes or joints in the wood. They also bore into the wood, weakening structures from the outside. These termites can be identified by their smooth, clean holes in wood structures and “kick out” holes, where small piles of wood shavings collect. Drywood termites are best treated with Termidor, Foam treatments, Fumigation, Borate and Timbor. We also recommend chemical free Heat treatments, which can be localized and applied as a spot treatment.

What To Look For

Most termite species live underground. They seek moisture and position themselves near or underneath the foundation of your home. Common signs of an infestation include:

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Kick Out Holes - As drywood termites tunnel through wood, they use kick out holes to discard fecal pellets and frass.

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Pellets - The easiest sign of Drywood termites to detect. Termites remove waste as they tunnel, creating small mounds of fecal pellets underneath kick out holes.

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Swarms - Reproductive Drywood termites will swarm primarily between spring and early summer depending on location. Check for this type of termite and the wings they shed. Shed wings can often be found near windowsills, as winged termites are attracted to light.

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Weakened Wood - Long, thin cracks and sagging can mean wood has been hollowed out by Drywood termites.

Whole Structure Treatment

Only heat treatments and fumigation can truly eliminate termites.

The state of California has only approved heat treatments and fumigation as primary treatments for Drywood termites. Local treatments can eliminate isolated infestations of termites, but for complete control we offer heat treatments and full struture fumigation. After inspection, your technician will advise you of all wood destroying pest findings and determine which types of treatments are the best solution to control your infestation.

Fumigation is the best method to treat an entire structure for drywood termites. If your building has not been treated for termites in over 5 years and there are signs of a termite infestation, we may recommend fumigation. During this process, the structure will be tented and Vikane gas fumigant will be pumped through the building. Vikane penetrates the whole structure, eliminating drywood termites and any other pest that may infest the home. Tenants will need to vacate the home for approximately 3 days and prepare for the service by bagging food items.

Heat is a great way to eliminate termites without the use of pesticide. Heat, like fumigation, penetrates wall spaces and areas not easily accessed by traditional pesticides. Occupants do not need to leave for more than a few hours and no chemicals will be applied.

Local Treatment

Non-repellent termiticides prevent and control Drywood termite infestations.

Non-repellent termiticides stop termite feeding within hours of exposure. The first termites to come into contact with the treatment are exposed through contact and ingestion and carry it to the colony on their bodies to affect other unexposed termites. Delayed toxicity means exposed termites that have stopped feeding can still walk, groom and aggregate in groups for an extended period of time, allowing treatment to further spread among colony members. Non-repellent termiticies controls termites in less than three months and provides long-lasting residual structural protection.

Termite Inspection

Pest Innovations offers free Termite Inspections to home owners, HOAs, Property Management and business owners and there is a nominal fee for Escrow Termite Reports. We also offer yearly termite treatment control services. For more information about our termite treatments, call today!

Termite Warranty

Drywood termites swarm in the Los Angeles area all year long. We offer a 2 year warranty on all whole-structure Drywood termite treatments. To prevent termites from returning, we also offer continuing protection plans. A technician will regularly inspect to your property for Drywood termites and apply preventative treatments where neccessary.


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Great service from a team that is amazing! Fair rates, detailed services but most of friendly. I had a termite problem in my livingroom, George explained to me that we can have the affected area treated without having to tent the whole house and at a very reasonable price. The tech came over and treated the area locally, neatly and quickly. I am very satisfied with their services and will continue refering them to my friends. Thanks again George.

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Needed a trustworthy company to educate me on the best non toxic option for getting rid of the termites inside my garage. So glad I found Pest Innovations. George took a lot of time answering my questions on the phone and helping me decide how to proceed. I ended up deciding on heat treatment. Armando came here and did the inspection and explained what would happen on the day the work was done. The guys came today (on time) and did the job. I was really stressing about having this work done, but they had a great attitude and made the entire experience less stressful for me.They were very conscientious about removing things from my garage and insulating things that could not be removed (such as my sprinklers timer for my garden), so nothing would be damaged by the heat, and they returned everything to its rightful place in the garage before they left.Great job guys! Thank you.

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