Hospitality Bed Bug Treatments For
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Pro-Active Hospitality Bed Bug Treatments In Los Angeles,
Orange & San Bernardino Counties

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What Type Of Hotels Are At Risk For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are not a sign of poor sanitation. Any hotel – from a five-star resort to a roadside motel – can fall victim to a bed bug infestation. On average, every hotel will see seven bed bug infestations over a five year period. Guests and employees unintentionally bring bed bugs on their clothing and inside their luggage. The higher the occupancy of a hotel, the higher the chance of opportunities for a bed bug infestation.

Can I Prevent Bed Bugs From Getting Inside My Hotel?

There is no way to prevent bed bugs. Bed Bugs hitchhike their way into your hotel on guest clothing and in personal belongings. Traditional sanitation and maintenance practices like screening windows or caulking cracks and crevices won’t prevent Bed Bugs from being introduced. Pro-active treatment prevents bed bug introductions from turning into widespread infestations through regular treatments in guest rooms.

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How Does Pro-Active Bed Bug Service Work?

Regular treatment is the key to our pro-active bed bug service. Each guest room is treated for bed bugs every six months, creating a perimeter defense in guest rooms where bed bugs are most likely to reside. Pest Innovations will work with you to set up a treatment schedule that fits with your maintenance routine.

Pro-Active Bed Bug Service Prevents Bad Experiences

Bed bugs reproduce quickly and spread from room to room through walls, ceilings and vents. Bed bugs in even one room mean unexpected expenses, lost revenue, unhappy guests and bad reviews. Each infested room and those surrounding it will need to be vacated for treatment, disrupting your guests’ stay and throwing a wrench in your normal operations. Pro active bed bug treatments keep your property one step ahead providing you better protection for your rooms.

Heat Treatment Bed Bug Control

The best method of bed bug removal is a heat treatment. When using a heat treatment, we will seal the home and use our patented heaters to raise the internal temperature to about 150 degrees. This is hot enough to destroy all pests and their eggs, but not enough to destroy your property or electronics. When heat is applied this way, it penetrates walls and crevices we are unable to reach with traditional pesticides. Heat treatment is 100% non-toxic and will not require you to throw out your mattress or furniture.


Fred S.
We have been using Pest Innovations to service more than 50 buildings that we manage. They have been doing so for over a year and we are very satisfied with their service, their pricing and their results. They have taken care of all kinds of pests for us, including cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, mice and rats. No problem has been too big or too small. We highly recommend this company for a house or a large apartment building. George is very knowledgeable and all of his technicians are trained and know what to do in every situation.
Leigh D.
George was such a nice guy and answered all my questions about my bed bugs. It was clear that he was giving me advice to save me money, and his was the lowest rate by far out of all the places I researched. He also came the next day, on a Saturday morning, which was so important to me or anyone with a new bed bug problem. I'll use him for a follow up, cannot wait for my new little roommates to die.
I was horrified to learn I had bed bugs. George was the first person I spoke to after wasting hundreds of dollars on extermination that did not work. George gave me a quote on the phone for heat fumigation treatment. He then came to my house a couple of days later and treated my house. His team was awesome. They did a great job and I haven't had any bites since. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
Susan B.
I liked George, the owner, right from the start. He is very professional and gave me a good quote for the job of getting rid of bed bugs. He also offered a guarantee for his work. His associates were polite and conscientious as well. I would highly recommend him to others.
Maria A.
Pest Innovations did a great job. What impressed me the most was that the owner spent 30 minutes with me discussing my bed bug problem and options. They were also able to come out the next day after I called them. They worked their magic while I was at work. The only caution I have for anyone considering the high heat treatment is that it can damage items and paint. This was all explained to me however, and I made the choice to do it regardless. It was a small price to pay, however, and I am so relieved to be able to sleep again.