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Alan J.
Very knowledgeable. Fast and efficient. Professional.
Dave Z.
Very good work, highly recommended for bed bug removal.
Cassie S.
Great experience!! Definitely would recommend this company.
Marty S.
Very reasonable prices, took care of all the pest issues. Will definitely recommend this company to my family and friends.
Diane W.
Found this exterminating company online and wanted to give the family owned business a try. So very pleased! Their rates are extremely affordable, they were knowledgeable of the product being used and the issue with the pests they were called to exterminate. Liked George Iglesias and his son who came out to inspect the premises on a moment's notice and the technician, Kris, provided the best customer service ever!
David Z.
Very efficient and helpful in removing the bed bugs and follow up service. Very knowledgeable and solved the issue.
Janet A.
This company is amazing I had a bed bug problem at my home and George and his staff was always so nice and helpful with explaining what to do and how to go about getting rid of that ugly problem. I would recommend anyone who has any pest problems to call them. The girl that answers the phone is such a sweet heart. They all are very helpful and my problem was resolved completely. Thank you to George and his entire staff you guys are amazing.
Chrissy C.
I love these guys. They came out and didn't leave until my bed bugs were all gone. I called them back a few times and came out with no problems, questions, or hassle. The receptionists are caring and understanding of your issues. I called for bed bugs and have been bed bug free ever since. These guys really know their job! Give them a call
Eric J.
Needed help with skunk removal. They were timely in their responses,very professional and reasonably priced. I wouldn't hesitate to use again and refer them.
Will D.
Great Service, Great Price! These are the guys you want!
Maria K.
Although we ran in some technical difficulties with our job, George handled everything very smoothly and was a great communicator through the whole thing. I would recommend Pest Innovation for all your pest needs!
Nick C.
We are a real estate company with sales and rentals. PI is the only place we call for pest service.
Ann H.
Down to earth. Termite services were reasonable priced.
Maria K.
Although we ran in some technical difficulties with our job, George handled everything very smoothly and was a great communicator through the whole thing. I would recommend Pest Innovation for all your pest needs!
Lin O.
Needed a trustworthy company to educate me on the best non toxic option for getting rid of the termites inside my garage. So glad I found Pest Innovations. George took a lot of time answering my questions on the phone and helping me decide how to proceed. I ended up deciding on heat treatment.
Armando came here and did the inspection and explained what would happen on the day the work was done. The guys came today (on time) and did the job. I was really stressing about having this work done, but they had a great attitude and made the entire experience less stressful for me.They were very conscientious about removing things from my garage and insulating things that could not be removed (such as my sprinklers timer for my garden), so nothing would be damaged by the heat, and they returned everything to its rightful place in the garage before they left.Great job guys! Thank you.
Viviana B.
I've been dealing with bedbugs for almost an year. I tried almost all home treatments available. Diamacetous earth, orange oil, alcohol, steam. Then I went on and i got a "professional" to come and spray my home with some unknown chemical. That involved me emptying closets, spending hours at laundromat, throwing away countless items ruined in the dryer. 27 large bags of clothing, shoes and miscellaneous items to carry in and out the house. To no avail. The only thing that work, folks, is the heat treatment. It might sound pricey, but believe me it's worth the countless hours and sleepless night I spent dealing with this horrendous pest. Pest Innovation was professional, honest, reasonably priced and especially EFFECTIVE. Haven't seen a bug since they came 6 months ago. If you are looking for an honest Company that will get rid of your problem, they are it.
Terance C.
Absolutely trustworthy and honest company. We had noticed a few termites in our restroom and assume the worst. We called a few companies to get an inspection. One inspector came from a national company and declared we had termites and needed to tent up the house. Of course he did not look thru the house, in the crawl space, or inspect the exterior of the house. I then called Pest Innovations. Armando arrived and spent the next hour going into our crawl space, crawling thru the attic, inspecting the house's exterior, and asking a lot of detailed questions, After asking to see our previous fumigation report (done in 2010), he told us we did not need to fumigate or treat, as the termites we saw were likely stragglers from the outside. He did tell us we has signs of termite droppings in the crawl space, but that they were likely old droppings from the previous fumigation. Armando was a complete straight shooter and I certainly appreciated his candor. Highly recommended.
Mrs. B.
Good service with great price. Very professional staff that showed up on time and performed extermination of termites. We received written estimate and job came in on budget. Estimate was clear and concise and everything from appointment scheduling to actual inspection was easy and professional. Would hire this company again.
Kelly T.
They were able to accommodate us the day after I requested the service. Very professional and I haven't seen more creepy crawlies since! :)
Alison A.
They provided me with a termite inspection and same-day treatment. Courteous, professional service from the person who makes appointments to the inspector/treatment specialist.
Laurice D.
We had a great communication and the price was the best!
Lorena S.
Pest Innovation has some of the best employees that are well educated on what they offer. They have the patients to explain all options & solutions to get rid of your pest problem. Unfortunately I have used other larger pest companies on a pinch for multiple properties & always end up calling Pest Innovation to do the job right. I never have to call back for the same issue when using Pest Innovation.
I always know I can rely on Pest Innovation team to give great customer service. Once I make a call to schedule or ask for advice I get great service from Daniella. If she can not assist on an issue, which is rare, I can rely on George to assist without hesitation. They employ great technicians that are always polite, knowledgeable & make sure to inform all preventive measures to avoid future pest issues.
Jessica C.
George and his team are AMAZING! His staff is prompt, polite, and always helpful. I have worked with them for over a year now on multiple projects. Everything from monthly pest control treatments, to bedbug treatments, termite work, rodent control; they do it all. They are quick to respond and always priced better than their competitors. Just give the office a call and schedule your appointment. Daniela usually answers when I contact the office. She is so sweet and helpful, makes you want to make Pest Innovations your Go-To pest service company. Thanks for the wonderful service!!!
Martina S.
Great service from a team that is amazing! Fair rates, detailed services but most of friendly. I had a termite problem in my livingroom, George explained to me that we can have the affected area treated without having to tent the whole house and at a very reasonable price. The tech came over and treated the area locally, neatly and quickly. I am very satisfied with their services and will continue refering them to my friends. Thanks again George.
Josh G.
We have been working with George for nearly two years now. George is one of the most honest vendors I ever worked with. He is reasonably priced, and has great customer service! I know we can always count on George!
Penny G.
I recently discovered I had bedbugs in my home. The stigma is a feeling that most everyone has, a bit of shame, I must be a dirty person. The silence, the feelings we have to live with, hear this, "it happens to a lot of people". The people who were there for me to help me through the process - Pest Innovations in Glendora., were kind and quick to point out this was not my fault. They were sensitive in their handling, not only with the actual ridding process, but helped to lift the stigma in my mind that I caused the problem. They explained that bed bugs are the best hitch hikers in the world and also explained further how it could happen (to the best of us) in so many ways. Their business model is state of the art handling of a "more than you realize" common problem. They are through, diligent and concerned for the customers state of mind, and help you through the process, so much so, it gives you a great peace of mind even though you're dealing with an unfamiliar journey. The entire staff, office included, are deeply invested in carrying out their work in a diligent fashion. They take a great deal of pride in what they do, and their level of commitment is fantastic. Bottom line - They deliver quality in their work. I'm hoping this review show cases the level of dedication they bring to each customer.
Fred S.
We have been using Pest Innovations to service more than 50 buildings that we manage. They have been doing so for over a year and we are very satisfied with their service, their pricing and their results. They have taken care of all kinds of pests for us, including cockroaches, bed bugs, termites, mice and rats. No problem has been too big or too small. We highly recommend this company for a house or a large apartment building. George is very knowledgeable and all of his technicians are trained and know what to do in every situation.
Elwood M.
Thank you very much for helping resolve my ant issue. It's been a nightmare until I hired you guys.
Stefanie B.
Having a pest problem is scary enough, but after hiring Pest Innovations I knew I was in good hands. After I received tons of expensive quotes, zero guarantees on many services and long waiting periods to book an appointment. Pest Innovations was a breath of fresh air from the moment I learned about them. I spoke to George for nearly 45 minutes about my options, and felt confident he was the man for the job. His crew came out two days later and did incredible work treating the problem from start to finish. His rates were unbeatable and the service to match. He also provided a 30 day warranty on his service. I highly recommend Pest Innovations for any extermination needs.
Lizette A.
Very professional. Came on time. Straight forward. Got the job done. Thanks!
Paula B.
Very efficient.
Sandra V.
Pest Innovations' company treats a wide number of pests, including ants, roaches, mosquitoes, termites, and rodents. They are also experienced in treating bed bugs. Have worked on a daily basis with this company for a while now and I am very satisfied. Follow up treatments are scheduled in a timely manner and is always consistent. The professional staff, immediate responses, and scheduled appointments make it a pleasure to work with.
Daniela V.
I had a Heat Treatment done for Bed Bugs at my house in Pomona. George is so knowledgeable and the guys that showed up with him to do the job were very professional. Would definitely use/recommend Pest Innovations for any future services.
Jackie A.
Polite, Fast, and Efficient. Rat traps set, caught a rat within a week! Free follow up visits. Best to leave it to the pros, and these guys are! Thank you George and Armando!!
Dawn C.
George and I have worked together since 1998. I have requested him with every management company that I was apart of. Him and his employees have a great attitude and are thorough. It's been a true pleasure to work with George.
Tim P.
George did a good job and responded quickly. Thanks.
John N.
Very professional and with the lowest bid of four companies inspections.
I was horrified to learn I had bed bugs. George was the first person I spoke to after wasting hundreds of dollars on extermination that did not work. George gave me a quote on the phone for heat fumigation treatment. He then came to my house a couple of days later and treated my house. His team was awesome. They did a great job and I haven't had any bites since. Would highly recommend him to anyone.
Alison L.
George is always friendly and has some great advice. His prices are fair and the men he sends to do the jobs, do the work in a timely and professional manner.
Stephanie P.
I needed someone to come out that day and they came out ASAP! Would definately recommend!
Susan B.
I liked George, the owner, right from the start. He is very professional and gave me a good quote for the job of getting rid of bed bugs. He also offered a guarantee for his work. His associates were polite and conscientious as well. I would highly recommend him to others.
Naman P.
Just did service today, so can't speak to results, but George was very nice. He took the time to explain the whole service and educate me on the problem. Was there for the service along with his technician, which provided some comfort.
Sargon M.
I cannot say enough great things about George and Pest Innovations. Extremely Professional. Very knowledgeable. Unbeatable competitive rates. We had ants, spiders, and water bugs. George explained exactly what he was going to do, alleviated all of our concerns, and got the job done! He was honest and fair, promptly returned phone calls, and his truck was in immaculate professional condition. This guy does not cut corners and does not do shabby work. I highly recommend George!
Leigh D.
George was such a nice guy and answered all my questions about my bed bugs. It was clear that he was giving me advice to save me money, and his was the lowest rate by far out of all the places I researched. He also came the next day, on a Saturday morning, which was so important to me or anyone with a new bed bug problem. I'll use him for a follow up, cannot wait for my new little roommates to die.
Maria A.
Pest Innovations did a great job. What impressed me the most was that the owner spent 30 minutes with me discussing my bed bug problem and options. They were also able to come out the next day after I called them. They worked their magic while I was at work. The only caution I have for anyone considering the high heat treatment is that it can damage items and paint. This was all explained to me however, and I made the choice to do it regardless. It was a small price to pay, however, and I am so relieved to be able to sleep again.
Julia K.
Very helpful and honest about quotes. He listened to my concerns, and offered good advice that will save me money. He gave some good suggestions for detecting the bugs myself and if I do find evidence of an infestation, he'll be the first person I call.
Phyllis K.
Good job. George was very helpful and professional.
Mort K.
Prompt, courteous, helpful. Willing to give a close estimate over phone. Workman out within 2 days. Contacted tenant promptly. Recommend.
Steven A.
Very Knowledgeable And Honest. Advised That Service Wasn't Needed. I Will Definitely Use Pest InnovatIons When I Do Need Pest Control.
Jack N.
We had a significant gopher problem and it is still a work in progress. George has been extremely easy to work with. He is very knowledgeable and professional. He is easy to get in contact with and his replies are generally prompt. His rates seem to be comparable as well. I would highly recommend Pest Innovations to anyone with gopher problems.

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