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Termite Inspection In
Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside & San Bernardino Counties

Termite Inspection In Los Angeles,
Orange & San Bernardino Counties

termite inspection los angeles

Have you encountered piles of sawdust, small holes in wood members, mud tubes leading to your property or have been inundated by clouds of winged termites? These are all signs that you have a termite infestation. We’ll will send a termite inspector to examine these areas of infestation free of charge.

Our comprehensive wood destroying pests and organism (WDO) inspection reports cover all sections of termite activity.

Section 1 - All visible infestations or infections present at the time of the termite escrow inspection.
Section 2 - Conditions that are present deemed conducive to a future termite infestation or infection (moisture, faulty grade, earth-wood contact).

The termite inspector will pay extra attention to typical termite harborages like rafters, roof facing, roof shingles, fascia, windows and doors. After thoroughly examining your the home or building for evidence of termite infestation, the termite inspection will move inside to the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, attic and garage.

Upon completion of the termite inspection, we will e-mail, fax or mail the report to the authorized party responsible for the wood destroying pests and organism inspection report. At your request, we can expedite this process to within 24 hours of the property’s inspection. Our termite inspector will inspect the property, advising of all Primary and Secondary recommendations. After the property has been inspected and corrected, a clearance of the property will be issued.

Termite Inspection Second Opinion

If you have another inspection report and wish for a second opinion, we welcome you to e-mail, fax or mail the report to us. We will schedule a convenient inspection time to inspect the property.


Martina S. Los Angeles, California
Great service from a team that is amazing! Fair rates, detailed services but most of friendly. I had a termite problem in my livingroom, George explained to me that we can have the affected area treated without having to tent the whole house and at a very reasonable price. The tech came over and treated the area locally, neatly and quickly. I am very satisfied with their services and will continue refering them to my friends. Thanks again George. Testimonials

Whole Structure Treatment

Only heat treatments and fumigation can truly eliminate termites.

The state of California has only approved heat treatments and fumigation as primary treatments for termites. Local treatments can eliminate isolated infestations of termites, but for complete control we offer heat treatments and full struture fumigation. After inspection, your technician will advise you of all wood destroying pest findings and determine which types of treatments are the best solution to control your infestation.

Termite Inspection

Pest Innovations offers free Termite Inspections to home owners, HOAs, Property Management and business owners and there is a nominal fee for Escrow Termite Reports. We also offer yearly termite treatment control services. For more information about our termite treatments, call today!

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