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Cricket Pest Control In Los Angeles

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Crickets are a standard pest in southern California. They are attracted to warmth and can often be found near fireplaces, furnaces, kitchens, water heaters and baseboards. They can live in cracks and crevices found around the home, shed or garage. These pests feed on mostly plant matter, but have been known to eat other insects. Crickets can also be found outside in wood piles, rocks or garbage cans. Although they are not poisonous to humans, their presence can be unsightly.

Pest Innovations uses a low toxicity, low to no-odor pesticide to treat cricket infestations. We offer perimeter treatments and spot treatments of their nesting areas. In some cases, we may also use granules to treat cracks and crevices outside. The best method of treatment is preventative maintenance. Pest Innovations offers monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly service. Call us today for more information about our cricket treatment options.

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I.P.M and Crickets

I.P.M or integrated pest management, is a pest elimination strategy that utilizes a series of techniques to keep your home or business pest-free while using minimal amounts of pesticides. This includes storing wood piles and other yard waste away from the home and clearing branches and brush from the structure. We recommend regularly trimming your lawn, clearing clutter from garages, attics, and storage sheds regularly, so that crickets and other standard pests do not have a place to live.

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Pest Innovations is happy to customize a regularly scheduled service for your home based on your needs and budget. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services. If you’re interested in our residential pest control services, call Pest Innovations today!

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