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Flea Pest Control In Los Angeles

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Fleas are a small parasite that feed off the blood of humans and animals. These small creatures are often brought from an outdoor source or an infested animal. Their bites are not painful, but they do cause itchiness and irritation. Flea infestations are very common during sudden shifts in the weather. Because flea eggs can lay dormant for a year before hatching, a dry or wet spell can sometimes trigger old eggs in the area to begin hatching.

Fleas are prolific breeders. They have a short life cycle that includes dropping many eggs in the places they infest. These eggs are easily imbedded in furniture, carpets, baseboards and bedding. Once a flea egg has been deposited, the larvae inside waits for a source of heat and movement before hatching and hopping over to the nearest host.

Preparation For Flea Control Service

Before we come out to treat your property for fleas, it is important for you to schedule a flea treatment for your pet at the same time. If we treat your home before your pet is flea-free, your pet may reintroduce them to the home.

We also request that you vacuum all carpets and rugs within 1 hour of your appointment. The heat and movement of the vacuum will trigger flea eggs in the area to hatch right before the appointment and more fleas will be exposed to the treatment. Pest Innovations will provide you with a checklist before your appointment so you can prepare for the best outcome.

flea control los angeles

Heat Treatment for Fleas

Heat treatment for fleas is by far the most successful way to treat fleas in a timely manner. This is because heat is able to penetrate eggs and destroy them before they hatch. Heat works by reaching all of the areas affected by fleas that are not easily reached by humans. Heat treatments are 100% chemical free and are ideal for anyone with a sensitivity to pesticides.

Low Toxicity Flea Treatments

Pest Innovations offers a low toxicity treatment, using low to no-odor pesticides designed to destroy fleas. These pesticides include the use of growth regulators, which prevent fleas from breeding and dropping new eggs. We will also treat the exterior of the home to prevent fleas outdoors from hitching a ride in the future.

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Flea Prevention Program

Stop fleas from returning

Since fleas can appear in places where there are no pets, at any time of year, Pest Innovations recommends taking a proactive approach to keeping fleas away. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services. For more information about our flea treatments, call us today.

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Pest Innovations is happy to customize a regularly scheduled service for your home based on your needs and budget. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services. If you’re interested in our residential pest control services, call Pest Innovations today!

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