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Pest Control In Glendora

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Pest Innovations’ experienced, state licensed technicians have been working with the Glendora community for over 15 years. Our technicians offer the latest in pest removal technology to remove common pests like ants, bed bugs, rodents and termites. We offer heat treatments, low toxicity pesticide applications, fumigation, and spot treatments. Our technicians educate all clients on the benefits of integrated pest management (I.P.M), to avoid unnecessary pesticide application whenever possible.

Glendora offers the ideal climate year-round for pests like ants, spiders, termites and rodents. Even if a structure has been treated recently, these pests can return in a matter of months. This is why we stress the importance of our regular pest maintenance program. Regular treatment of your property can keep these pests away throughout the year. We offer monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services. We will work with you to determine which service makes the most sense for your needs and budget. Call us today for more information about our residential and commercial pest control in Glendora.

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Ant Control

Ants communicate through physical contact. Termidor works slowly, which allows it to spread from one ant to another. As the infected ants return to their nest, they continue to spread the treatment throughout the colony.

Bed Bug Control

The best method of bed bug removal is a heat treatment. When using a heat treatment, we will seal the home and use our patented heaters to raise the internal temperature to about 150 degrees. This is hot enough to destroy all pests and their eggs, but not enough to destroy your property or electronics. When heat is applied this way, it penetrates walls and crevices we are unable to reach with traditional pesticides. Heat treatment is 100% non-toxic and will not require you to throw out your mattress or furniture.

Gopher Extermination

We are specially licensed to remove gophers in agricultural, commercial and residential settings in and around Glendora. Depending on the location of the infestation, we use specially formulated baits or a device that asphyxiates the gophers within their burrows.

Mosquito Control

Our mosquito traps eliminate mosquitoes by exposing them to a larvicide and a fungus. Mosquitoes fly in and out of the trap whilst carrying larvicide on their legs. They transport the larvicide and contaminate breeding sites near the trap, killing mosquito larvae. Traps are placed outdoors and maintained every four weeks.

Rodent Control

Pest Innovations offers free rodent inspections to homeowners, HOAs and property management companies, commercial businesses and restaurants. For more information about our rodent services, call us today!

Termite Inspection

Pest Innovations offers free termite inspections to home owners, HOAs, property management and business owners in Glendora. There is a nominal fee for escrow termite reports in LA county. We also offer yearly termite treatment control services. For more information about our termite treatments, call today!

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Pest Innovations is happy to customize a regularly scheduled service for your home based on your needs and budget. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly services. If you’re interested in our residential pest control services, call Pest Innovations today!

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