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Have you encountered piles of sawdust, small holes in wood members, mud tubes leading to your property or have been inundated by clouds of winged termites? These are all signs that you have a termite infestation. We’ll will send a termite inspector to examine these areas of infestation free of charge. Our comprehensive wood destroying pests and organism (WDO) inspection reports cover all sections of termite activity.

Termite Inspection

Pest Innovations offers free Termite Inspections to home owners, HOAs, Property Management and business owners and there is a nominal fee for Escrow Termite Reports. We also offer yearly termite treatment control services. For more information about our termite treatments, call today!

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Section 1

All visible infestations or infections present at the time of the termite escrow inspection.

Section 2

Conditions that are present deemed conducive to a future termite infestation or infection (moisture, faulty grade, earth-wood contact).

The termite inspector will pay extra attention to typical termite harborages like rafters, roof facing, roof shingles, fascia, windows and doors. After thoroughly examining your the home or building for evidence of termite infestation, the termite inspection will move inside to the bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, attic and garage.

Upon completion of the termite inspection, we will e-mail, fax or mail the report to the authorized party responsible for the wood destroying pests and organism inspection report. At your request, we can expedite this process to within 24 hours of the property’s inspection. Our termite inspector will inspect the property, advising of all Primary and Secondary recommendations. After the property has been inspected and corrected, a clearance of the property will be issued.


If you find any of the telltale signs of termite infestion around your home, we will happily inspect your home for free!


Selling a home? Our termite escrow inspections start at just $75 and satisfy all California requirements.


If you have another inspection report and wish for a second opinion, we welcome you to e-mail, fax or mail the report to us. We will schedule a convenient inspection time to inspect the property.

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Signs Of Termite Activity

Most termite species live underground. They seek moisture and position themselves near or underneath the foundation of your home. Common signs of an infestation include:

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Kick Out Holes - As termites tunnel through wood, they use kick out holes to discard fecal pellets and frass.

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Pellets - Termites remove waste as they tunnel, creating small mounds of fecal pellets underneath kick out holes.

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Weakened Wood - Long, thin cracks and sagging can mean wood has been hollowed out by termites.

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Mud Tubes - These pencil-width paths lead from the nest to your home. Check the surrounding land, outer foundation wall, any crawl spaces and your basement.

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Swarms - Reproductive termites will swarm primarily between spring and early summer depending on location. Check for this type of termite and the wings they shed. Shed wings can often be found near windowsills, as winged termites are attracted to light.

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Conducive Conditions - Termites are attracted to certain conditions that help assist their development. Look for wood in direct contact with soil, and high moisture in and around your home. Correct these conditions to prevent further termite entry into your home.

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